I thought of making me some new pokesona out of the old autumn shaymin I made last year and doing a chubby zynit form in yellow /redish so it fits my name.

bonus it can fly haha

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palette requests i finally finished

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best friends hangin out eatin hotdogs

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─ Anonymous asked: fem romano #7 please


!!!!!!!! she is the opposite colors of the fem!ita i made earlier !!!

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this is me, there’s no one else on earth i’d rather be. here we are, just me and you
fuck i fucked up the lyrics fuck i should sleep also

tucks u in

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h is my taco wife 4 life

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i was suppose to go to bed 2 hours ago bc i have work but here i am

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cynthia is the bomb diggity best

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i forgot to share that i had an eye exam like 2 weeks ago and my prescription was fixed and now my glasses are so spot on, everything is so sharp. i have eyes like a HAWK

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I also love my friends who are furries

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u win this round but soon


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hm (i took it here if anyone else wants to do it too)

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ferret400 replied to your photoset:bub
…pink nose

so close yet

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